Monday, November 10, 2008

Help me out Ladies!

A friend and I are throwing one of our fellow Nursing students a bachelorette party next Friday night. We went to Spencer's today and got some really funny party favors and things.

I need some fun party games. We got pin the junk on the hunk, but are looking for some other things that would be entertaining. I have already been designated DD (to which I gladly accept the mission) and we are going to hit up a local hot spot that has dueling pianos afterwards.

Has anyone played any fun games that they want to share. I have never actually been to one of I am kinda just playing it by ear!


Jillene said...

No ideas here. I have never played games at a bachelorette party before. All the ones I have been to were either punch and cookies or stripper-rama!!

*MARY* said...

I've never been to a bachelorette party, just a couple bridal showers where the bride gets stuff like journals and temple bags.

Kristina P. said...

I would probably refrain from following the Katy Perry song playing right now.

How about hitting up the righteous sex shop to see if they have any ideas?

Mary said...

LOL!!! Yea, I can't help it...that song cracks me up. And my sis gave me the ringtone!

Now is when I really wish we had a Husband & Wife here...we went to one of those, and after spending the entire time blushing, they only had couples games.

Michelle said...

Hey mary, here is how to post a youtube video. Copy the embed code of the video and on your post, switch over to html code and paste it there. Voiole, easy peasy. :) If that doesn't make sense, call me back. Mikes got the cell phone and he's doing a 24 hour shift.