Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 down...1 to go

Geez...I told you guys to stop pressuring me to finish all the book so fast, I can never back down from peer pressure!

So I just finished "Eclipse" and I liked "New Moon" better. I found myself smiling more in the 2nd book...and I really don't like how Jacob behaved in this one!

Who knows when I will have a chance to get to the last one, but I am intrigued about this newly engaged Bella & Edward. One of the chicks at school was saying that @ her daughter's school everyone is wearing T-shirts that say "Team Edward." I just really like Edward's character, and I am starting to think Bella is a little crazy, and just a bit too immature.

Oh well...Only one more to go. But, I now understand why the books were so popular...I have had a hard time putting them down. I only started this one Sunday...and just finished it. But, I think a lot of that has to do with my addictive personality. I am glad that I waited to read the series till they were all available...b/c I would have gone crazy waiting for the next book. Maybe I will finally start reading the Harry Potter series....but then again...probably not!


Kristina P. said...

Well, look at you go!

I was on this giant Twitter Girl's Night Out chat tonight, all about Twilight. Blech.

*MARY* said...

Oh for the love of vampires GO READ HARRY POTTER!!! They're awesome!

Wendyburd1 said...

My Mom was just telling me yesterday how she loved how Stephenie Meyers finished the series, so go read it. I have gotten the first Cd's in from the library...can't listen to it...it's New Moon, so copying it til I can get Twilight and the other in first!

Jillene said...

The last book portrays Jacob so much better in "Jacob's Book". It is a section all from his perspecitve--you will like him again!!

Brittany said...

Yes I vote for Harry Potter too. LOL

Mary said...

I have never been into the whole wizard thing...I have always liked witches & vampires better.

Maybe I will start with Harry Potter after I graduate & pass boards...till then, I am gonna stick with my homeboy, Edward!