Saturday, October 4, 2008

Why can't I take my own advice?

Every week I tell my Sunday School kids to try to "approach each situation with love." And after that statement, I get grumbles, and I confess that it is a HUGE struggle for me...but when you do, the outcomes is normally a happier one. So, why is it so hard to be nice?

There is a girl (and I say girl for a reason) that I come into contact with frequently that has a chip on her shoulder. So, when I have to talk to her, it just makes my blood boil! I said to a friend yesterday, "if she is going to have a constant attitude, why doesn't she just leave?" And they said, "well, she is going through....." to which I replied, "she has been going through...for over a year!" I just don't understand why people are just outwardly hateful and expect everyone to take it. I really just want to yell at her, but then I wouldn't be approaching the situation with love, and what kind of role model would I be? (the real reason is I have to deal with this person too often that it would only make the situation worse)

So, why do I have to be the bigger is no fun, and it really sucks! There are numerous people that I really can't stand, but I have the maturity to treat them with respect and avoid a confrontation (and them).
I am going to vent by stealing Michelle's idea...writing her a letter I will never send.

Dear Rude Girl,

I have gathered from our interactions that there is definately a conflict, but SUCK IT UP AND GROW A PAIR! We are both adults, and I really don't appreciate the attitude you so lovingly display anytime there is a task/discussion that you don't agree with or want to do. No, life isn't always fair, DUH, but part of functioning in the real world is dealing with every kind of person and situation.

I am personally sick of your attitude and don't EVER want to spend time with you b/c of it, but I know spending time with you is inevitable, so grow up, and start playing nice. I am really sick of being the bigger person, and I am not sure how much longer I can. So, to avoid confrontation, grow up and start playing nice. I realize you are dealing with a lot in your life right now, and for awhile, but so are so many people around you and they manage to function in society.

I don't hate you, I just really don't like to be around you...and just wanted to bring up the fact that your bad attitude effects everyone around you, in case you didn't know.


I feel so much better....


Michelle said...

I LOVE people like that. They're my favorite!!

Kristina P. said...

I mam a huge advocate of writing letters that are never sent. I've done it in my own life and I recommend it to my clients.

It is definitely cathartic!

Michelle said...

I had to actually create a whole separate private blog for my letters that are never sent, cause I got in trouble when I posted it on my main blog. Who knew she actually read my blog. Oooops.

Mary said...

I remember that...and I am assuming that I don't have access to this private blog for a reason....mmmmmmm...does my idol of a sister-in-law really have it out for me?!?!

I understand. I have gotten to the point that I don't care if people don't like me, or what I say. I spent WAY too long worrying and stressing over that fact that someone didn't like me, or was offended. But now, I don't care for some people, and they don't care for me.

But if I offended someone I cared about, I would definetely stress until the issue was resolved.
Why can't life be easy?

Michelle said...

If you have a wordpress profile I will add you. :)

Vic and Al said...

You tell her!!!

Grandma Arnold said...

There was a Sister in the RS somewhere we lived that I really disliked. I prayed long and hard until the dislike went away. Now I cannot even remember what I was offended about, nor can I remember her name or what she looked like.