Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The fateful Tale of Sammy the (grey rat or pine) Snake

One October morning Sammy was making his way across the long dirt road when I big black truck stopped close by. A very handsome man got out and walked up to Sammy. He looked at him for a while, then quickly grabbed him by the neck and the tail and tossed him into the back of his truck.
It was quite a bumpy ride, so Sammy searched for a more secure place to lay, there was an opening that he quickly went into and endured the rest of the ride.

The truck stopped and he heard the very handsome man sound frustrated, so he quickly weaved himself tightly through every available hole and held on for dear life as the man tried to pull him out. After awhile he gave up and headed back down the bumpy dirt road...then down a very fast road, then to stop.

Sammy thought he was finally safe, but then the very handsome man started spraying Sammy with water, and sounding very frustrated. The very handsome man soon gave up and left Sammy alone.

After several hours Sammy got the courage to venture out from the truck to a new world, there was different grass, noises, and SPLAT...Sammy got run over by a car.


My husband has a tendency to catch snakes (to include poisonous ones) and turn them into the Snake House at the Ranger Camp. They have a catch & release program so they have one's on hand to do demonstrations for the students, and for the community.

So, he caught this snake on his way home, tried to turn into the Snake House and then the snake was up underneath the truck and he couldn't get out. So, he ended up coming back to the house and then, after awhile he left and then I saw him up the street.


Kristina P. said...

I almost threw up a little. I can't even imagine finding a snake all up in my grill. Literally.

Brittany said...

Hasn't he ever seen that church video about the guy who picks up a talking rattlesnake? And then after the snake bites the guy, he tells him "You knew what I was." Hasn't he seen that?!?!?!

If not, I think the moral of the video was to not pick up talking snakes.

Wendyburd1 said...

Ewww no snakes are scary...what if he had been bit??!!

Brit - actually that sounds like the toad and the scorpion story!!

Mary said...

I am not quite sure why he does it. Less than 3 months ago he caught a diamond back rattler and turned it in.
Maybe he just secretly want to work in the snake house.
Brittany, I don't think he saw that movie ;-)...luckily no one has been bit (instructors or students) in over 10 years.

Sorry ladies, but I LOVE snakes. I would totally have one if I had the time and money to do it right. But, bugs on the other hand...make me want to vomit! I actually had an asthma attack the first time I saw a cane spider in HI on my wall. TERROR!! I can't even bring myself to pick up a lady bug!

Wendyburd1 said...

Lady Bugs Are EVIL!!!