Monday, October 6, 2008


I have had some crazy dreams in my day...but wow...I even woke up confused.

My sleeping arrangements have been quite awkward lately, but Eric and I did manage to sleep in the same bed for 2 nights in the past 7 days!! This is an accomplishment!

Well, yesterday morning I woke up really confused (Eric had already left for work). In my dream, my husband & I were hanging out with his Battalion Commander (which we NEVER do) and his teenage daughter (which he doesn't have) was showing me & his wife (that doesn't exist) how to dance and shake our booties like "the strippers do." If this wasn't weird enough, we were also drinking wine (never had a drink in my life) and his BC handed me his glass to hold for him, and I gulp it down...then continue to drink everyone else's wine. Then his BC starts throwing a fit about me drinking all his "hero wine" and insists it be replaced & it is from Eric promised to order him more online.

As soon as I woke up I texted Eric to tell him about it (b/c I still wasn't convinced I was awake and this would leave me proof) and after he got off work late that night he called me and cracked up at my crazy dream.

Am I losing my mind?


Kristina P. said...

Yes, yes you are. I mean, I may have lost my virginity to Dwight, and I'm married and everything, but I would NEVER drink wine in my dreams.

Michelle said...

So...your subconsciouly and alcoholic, stripper in training. That explains a LOT. hahaha. Just kidding.

Mary said...

Kristina, yes...and I have the brass balls to admit it ;-)

Michelle, thanks for the analysis, my life makes so much more sense now. I just need to lose some more weight and get my boobs fixed so I can finally complete my dream of being an alcoholic stripper. Yea!!

Momma Sarah said...

LOL!!! I think Michelle hit the nail on the head! ha ha!!!

Brittany said...

Don't let Michelle fool you, she knows about being a table dancing hoochie.

And once she strung up a huge black bra in a window to embarass one of our other roommates. Oh wait, that part was me.

Grandma Arnold said...

What else would you like to divulge!?! I must admit I've had some weird dreams also. I used to have weird dreams about my grandma until after I was proxy for her in the Temple, then the dreams ended.