Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Enabling my addictions

There are a few things that seem to monopolize my time...its really not my fault...I have an addiction...and am no longer in the stage of denial.

1. Eric. I just can't say no to spending time with him. We spent so much of the first 4 years of our marriage with him deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Singapore, get the picture. So, I often drop the books just to run errands with him, but I love just being around him. Allison said, C's get degrees!
2. Blogging. I love having a place to put my random thoughts...and when I hear that distinct beep on my phone with an email notifying me that someone took the time to leave a comment...I really get excited. It's nice to know that I am not completely crazy...sometimes ;-) Like it says on my sidebar...I really am a comment whore. At least I am not in denial.
I also like to blog stalk...quite frequently. I have found some pretty awesome people out there, and enjoy hearing different points of view and experiences. Yea for diversity!

3. Guitar Hero. Eric and I are extremely competitive...and this is so my type of game, and the one thing I can actually beat him at, sometimes. And I get to dress up my chick in awesome clothes, and spend money I earn from gigs to buy killer shoes...its a win win! AND, I am listening...and I have never heard before or never appreciated the skill it takes to play ;o)

4. Books A Million. I never imagined that I need so many books that weren't available at the student book store on campus. It all started with getting a few study aids...and now I keep about 20 or so books on my wish list waiting til I can make my next purchase. This is how I got tangled up in Twilight (it really isn't my fault Kristina!!)
5. Regal Crown Club. There isn't a lot to do socially when you don't drink, and you really shouldn't Eric and I used to go to the movies every once in awhile, until we discovered a card that gave us all the power. We get rewards in the form of free popcorn, drinks, and movie tickets every time we buy tickets or go to concessions. We started with only one card, now we each have one so we can get the max amount of points. Plus, we really like movies...but I make Eric see the scary ones, and the ones that look stupid alone. I don't like to pay for movies that should have gone straight to DVD!


Live.Love.Eat said...

It's sweet you love to spend time with your honey a lot. But why can't you bowl? I loved to go bowling and actually am getting the urge to go again. It will be Tristan's 1st time.

the letter Bee said...

I can't bowl. At all. But I do love blogging! LOL

Anonymous said...

lol. Isn't that first pic in Orlando? I think I have a picture of me in that same dinosaur egg. So cute.

Totally with you on the movies, books and I think it's pretty obvious I share the blogging addiction.

Mary said...

Stephanie, I enjoy bowling, but my right shoulder is pretty jacked up...and I tried it last month...and spent quite a few days in pain.

The first picture is from Busch Gardens in Tampa...we love going there...we ride the roller coasters until we think we're gonna puke...when drink some sprite...then ride some more ;o)

Kristina P. said...

Wait, where's Twilight?!?!?

So said...

Surfed on in here and just wanted to make your phone beep! I'll be an enabler when it comes to blogging.

Mary said...

Kristina, I admit I was quite addicted while reading the books...but I think the movie satisfied my urge...that is until the next one comes out!!

WooHoo!!! I love new blog buddies. And, enablers get such a bum rap...they can enable good things too, like making comments on my page ;o)

Wendyburd1 said...

No wonder you want to spend so much time with him, 4 years of deployment, uck!! Do not apologize for liking Twilight! Kristina does not know ALL! Seriously I know she doesn't! LOL!

Queenie Jeannie said...

We like all the same things!! I KNEW you were good people, lol!

Mrs. Jacqueline said...

SOOO with you on the deployments! They're AWFUL. Between me and the hubby we have three Iraq tours racked up. I don't think my husband and I can get enough of each other either :D

This next duty station is supposed to have a very small chance of sandbox deployment (crossing all fingers and toes!!) but I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch.