Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things are looking up

It is no secret that I have really been struggling with grades this semester. Before I started the Nursing Program my GPA was a 3.81, and after 2 semesters of nursing it has fallen to a 3.67 (this is with taking an additional 11 credits worth of A's)...but Nursing Theory is 6 credit hours, so getting a B or *cough* C, really hurts your GPA. Our program also, intelligently, utilizes a 7 point grading scale...which makes things quite a bit more difficult.

Going into my 7th exam on Monday I just kept praying, "please Lord, let me be able to recall all the information I have studied, and understand what the question is asking." (our exams are like no other...they have 4 right answers, and you have to pick the most correct one)

I tried to pace myself, not rush, and really think about what the questions were asking. When I finally hit "submit" my heart started pounding during the 5 seconds it takes to display your score....and I almost started crying when I say my grade... 88!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I utilized a new study technique (and quite a few more hours) and it really paid off. My highest grade up until that point was on the 1st Psych test, and was an 84. And I am not joking when I say I almost started crying...I had to tell myself, "suck it up...you did good...keep it together, you still have the review to do!!" And, one of my instructors even took the time to congratulate me on the grade b/c she knows how much I have struggled this semester (my failing grades were a 70 & 74). So, Homer take it away

It is also no surprise how proud I am to be married to not only my best friend, but also to a man in uniform. He would never ever call himself a hero...but he is my hero, in so many ways...and it is nice when he gets a little recognition of his 12 years in service. He just called me on his way back from dropping off the Ranger Students (or as they call them "Stud") at Ft. Benning, GA and the guys stopped to eat at Logan's for dinner...I will set my jealousy aside for now. So, when they sat down a man came up to them and asked to shake their hands and thanked them for their continued service. And when they were waiting for the check the waitress walked up to the table and told them their bill was taken care off, but the person wanted to remain anonymous. He has never asked for recognition, or special treatment...and that is what I respect about him most. People have a tendency to feel they are entitled to special treatment based on numerous circumstances...which in my opinion...has seemed to get out of hand.

I also had my very last clinical day of the semester today....YEAH!!!! I was supposed to be on the Pediatric floor...but there weren't any patients, so the other student and I went to IV Therapy b/c they had numerous outpatient procedures that needed to be done. They were swamped but I had the opportunity to access a port using a Huber Needle:
This is, of course, enlarged...but the port is inserted under the skin for patients that need frequent IV therapy...and I had only done this in the skills lab before, so yeah!! It is so hit or miss when it comes to skills that you actually get the chance to perform in the clinical setting before you graduate...I was in the right place at the right time. I didn't get an opportunity to do a pediatric day in the hospital, but I was able to practice a skill.

Thanks for letting me share the small joys in my life!


Kristina P. said...

That's great! My husband takes his last final tonight.

Jillene said...

AWESOME!! What a great day for you and your husband!! I appreciate the men and women in the military SO much. My dad was a Marine in Vietnam and served 2 tours. My father-in-law was in the Air Force during Vietnam and served 1 tour. My brother-in-law is active Army and just returned from Iraq. So--I say hats off to your husband--he is a hero!!

the letter Bee said...

Woo Hoo! Indeed! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I. Hear. You. Girl.

The exams are fierce (and not in a good Tyra way).

I got the highest B possible last semester... 91.47! Talk about frustrating, I should've lowered my expectations and relaxed a little if I was going to end up w/ a B anyways!!!!

We have our first clinical of 3rd semester on friday. It's psych@ the veterans hospital in phoenix.

We have had clinicals there before and I love it b/c I love to serve those that have served us so unselfishly.

Thank your husband for me:)

Good Job on the exam. what's the new technique?

Vic and Al said...

Oh you are sooo smart! Grades are overrated. I know some really dumb people who get good grades. I have heard employers say they look for people who have a diverse but decent report card because those with a 4.0 have no social skills! C's earn degrees! Plus, when people see your degree they don't ask for your report card! I know you are genious and so does everyone who knows you!
Love ya!

Vic and Al said...

ok, so i am the real genius and spelled genius wrong! ha ha been a looooooong day!

Michelle said...

Yay!! Go Merla!!

Mary said...

This semester we have had amazing outlines available from our instructors, and they helped narrow down the material a little.

I used the outlines to read the chapters, adding in any additional information into the margins...then after I was done with that I put what I thought was pertinent onto note cards that I reviewed the morning of the exam.

It takes a REALLY long time, but this review seemed to work well for me.

Anonymous said...

Congrads! And I've seen those tests. Yikes. My mom is an R.N. and about a year ago she had to renew her liscense.

My dad is a retired sergeant major. 20 years and he's the same way. But he's definitely my hero. :)

Jen said...

I'm glad your life is so good right now. I can definitely sympathize about the tests. Those things are awful.

I've never even seen a Huber Needle. Sad for me.