Monday, December 15, 2008

Old habits die hard!

...and I can finally breathe!!! I have been in hiding the past few days as I have been couped up in my office studying to retake my Pediatric HESI (its a conspiracy that I will explain later), and for my Final today.

There are a few bad habits of mine that are very hard to break....namely, Procrastination. I started out this semester in a serious funk when it came to grades. I received an 84 on my psych test, then failed the next two exams with a 70 & 74. I have slowly climbed up off the ground and amazingly enough I passed my final this morning with an 85!!! Since I made a C last semester I had given up all hope of scoring any higher this time...but with some hard work...and without too much procrastination, I cleared that bottom hurdle of the B by 5 points! WooHoo!!!

This feat was accomplished even after my husband called me to tell me that someone "broke into" our truck last night and stole the GPS....& all my Bath & Body Works lotion and bath salts we got from our BN Christmas party...right before I went in to take my final. So, he didn't feel like making the report so I called the police when I got home and the police officer was very friendly. Apparently, it is a group of girls (hence the lotion & bath salt theft....and leaving the wireless DVD headsets) who were ID'd early this morning as someone caught them in the act. They are getting the warrant for their arrest as I type, and I plan on prosecuting!!!

Also, as many of you know....I lack patience when dealing with the public. Just yesterday I turned around in Sacrament meeting and told the little boy behind me that he was being too loud (he was unsupervised at the time and was playing with a wind up car, using the hymnals for ramp jumps). But I was in such a good mood today that I didn't get upset or put off by the fact that the line at the post office was out the door, or that the lady behind me was oblivious to "personal space." I waited patiently and thought about different blog topics. AND I wished the clerk a Merry Christmas with a smile. Like I harp on my Sunday School class...approach each situation with love!!! It really works...if I could only stay consistent.

We recently re-arranged our bedroom b/c I was sick of only having the bed accessible on one side (it was up against the wall). It has moved about 4 feet away from the wall...but Koa will only jump up on the far side. Maybe he thinks it is an optical illusion b/c he won't jump off that side of the bed either....and it is the side closest to the door! But, like I said, old habits die hard!

It's going to take me a few days to catch up on past few days of missed blogs...but my B was so incredibly worth it!!! Nursing Process 4, here I come!!!


Kristina P. said...

Wow, sorry about the car break in! I've had that happen too. I didn't file and insurance claim because I didn't think it was a big loss, until I realized that all my CD's were gone, etc.

Glad they caught the perps!

Vic and Al said...

Tis the season right?!?! Sometimes I just have to tell myself to keep smiling even though I am going through every cuss word in my head! ha ha

Mom2JJJ said...

Yeahhhh! We made it through another semester! I'm so excited that you got a B! We'll have to go out and celebrate! .... but let's get some much needed sleep first!

Jillene said...

Glad that they caught the perps!! That is a rare thing!! You go girl--prosecute to your heart's content!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I can't imagine breaking into someones car like that. I'm glad that you'll be able to prosecute.

And thumbs up for the final! ;)

The Acting Mom said...

Sorry your truck was broken into!

Wendyburd1 said...

Are you gonna get your stuff back from the theives?!

Kristina P. said...

Mary, where the heck have you been, my friend?

Mary said...

We probably won't get anything back...haven't heard anything yet.

Sorry, I volunteered yesterday for a mass casualty exercise at a local hospital. I lost my pinky...and couldn't find it...there was even fake blood. it was pretty fun!