Friday, December 5, 2008

WhEn 2 StUbBoRn PeOpLe FaLl In LoVe

Eric and I are both quite headstrong, to say the least. It takes a lot of compromise, on both sides, to have been married for 7 years...but we also have a lot in common. And when events, such as this morning happen, I try to focus on the what I love about him & how much he puts up with from me.

My alarm had gone off, and I turned it off b/c I wanted to sleep in a little. I then hear Eric's alarm go off in the spare room...but I ignored it and went back to sleep. Then I hear him come into the bedroom and get in bed with me (remember our sleeping arrangement) and try to cuddle. I have a pretty bad neck so, when he put his arm under my pillow it hurt so I jerked my pillow off his arm and lower in the bed. Then I started getting cold because the blanket wasn't wrapped around me snuggly, so I started jerking it up trying to block the freezing cold (thermostat is still at 72). He got frustrated and got out of bed. I felt really bad (and still do)...I know he was just trying to show some love...I am a horrible wife.

I have always had issues with personal space, so I think a plastic bubble is the only way to go! I have never liked to be touched, or in close proximity to people....the germs are only a small part of the reason. I don't like to cuddle...never really have, is that bad? It took me quite some time to get used to Hawaii and how everyone not only gives you hugs, but also kisses your cheek!

So I tried to apologize when I got up but he was getting ready to go to the gym, and didn't invite me...and he stole my ipod, so I knew I wasn't invited. I will have to try to make amends when he returns home. Why can't I just act like a normal chick? Grrrrr.

I am trying to stay positive and think about all the things I love about Eric... enjoy!!

  • When we play Guitar Hero he turns on my sweet guitar for me, and logs me into my profile
  • He doesn't rub it in when I lose horribly
  • He lets me have first choice of everything
  • He puts up with Koa when I need a break...and how much I spoil him

  • He cooks ALL THE TIME!!!
  • He cleans ALL THE TIME!!!
  • He truly cares about my happiness
  • He puts up with me, and loves me anyway ;o)
  • He has supported me while I am in school, and gives me continued encouragement and love when I need it most
  • He is willing to wait to have children until I am finished with school (even though he turned 30 this summer)

Compromise is the word of the day...mainly on my part!


Kristina P. said...

I completely understand the personal space thing. King size bed, remember!

And Your husband sounds like a great guy.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Sounds like you have an awesome husband!! Hang on to him!!!!

Being yourself is never wrong. Everyone is different, has different needs & wants, different issues & quirks. He loves you as you are. Period.

(it is kinda weird to me to not be huggy/kissy/affectionate because I so much am that way!But your DH didn't marry ME, lol!!!)

Mary said...

Kristina- I have repeatedly asked for a King size bed...but he wants to wait til after we get settled. And yeah, he is a great guy!!

Jeannie- I can be very affectionate...but only small spurts. I'm just glad he puts up with it!

Michelle said...

Are you sure you are related to my husband???

The word verification is carepan. hahaha.

Jillene said...

I have personal space issues also. I know how you feel!!

What a great list!! I hope he reads it--he sounds like a GREAT husband. Does he want to come to Utah and cook for my family?

Mary said...

Jillene- on the way home I told him he should look at my post today...and he did on his phone...then said, "just b/c I stole your ipod, doesn't mean you weren't invited." He smiled...and he is pretty great. But, I don't think he wants to cook for a large is rough enough just with the two of us ;o)

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet. It sounds like he truely cares about you, it's obvious that you do.

Wendyburd1 said...

Aww good hubby, I am sure he will forgive you, since he probably really knows you feel this way after 7 years!!

Mrs. Jacqueline said...

Your husband actually cleans? Can you send him over here so he can give my hubs lessons? You come with him and we'll ditch the guys and get stupid drunk on tequila. Wait, I forgot if LDS ladies are allowed to drink.... no, right? That's even better, because I can buy you diet Cokes all night long and then you can drive me home!!

The Rebel Queen of The Pygmies said...

Yay i'm not the only one who is anti cuddle! I love my personal space and have been known to jab people with elbows when they try to sneak up and hug me.