Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where to start....mmmm....

Eric and I had a great time in Orlando, even though we were both quite ill by the end. We vowed that we would do all the fun things we wanted to...not just Disney. And, I have to say that we are now done with Orlando for quite a few years.
We started with Wonder Works, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. If you have kids over 3, you should definitely go. They have lots of weird exhibits/games/things to do
...and I spent about 30 minutes straight making giant bubbles.
Even though I may look like I am pregnant in these pix, I swear I'm's just not a flattering shirt!

Yes, we already know we are really big need to remind us.

Next, we headed to Medieval Times where they put on a pretty awesome show!! Each person is seated in a specific section that corresponds with the Knight you cheer for. Our guy wasn't too bad, at least he waited to die until he fought the really bad guy, but he kicked butt at the games!

Here is our dinnerware...and no silverware, but we made due. The food was worth the price!!! I gave most of mine to Eric b/c they just kept bringing more.

He tried to get a shot of me with my crown on, but the guy next to us didn't get one, so I selflessly gave him mine ;o)

Everyone is pimpin' their colors

We only took pix @ Animal Kingdom b/c it is my favorite!

In the distance is the Tree of Life that which houses "It's tough to be a bug!" which is an awesome experience if you haven't been!

And we did the safari where we got to see all the great animals.

And, just to close this picture filled post is a hibiscus that I passed and couldn't help taking a picture of.

We had a great time, and are both recovering from being sick.

Happy New Year!!!!


conanima said...

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Jillene said...

How fun!! I love all of the pictures!!

Happy New Year!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

We pass by WonderWorks all the time and I was waiting until Tristan got to be 3 or 4 and then the time passed by so fast. So, at 5, it is now on our list of things to do. I love the Tree of Life! So, is the Medieval thing good for a 5 yo? That may get on the list too.

Happy New Year!

Kim said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I don't think I've heard of Wonder Works before and can't quite place where it is. Is it near Ripley's?

We are supposed to be going to Animal Kingdom soon. Our friend works there and so we're gonna get to go for free...yea!

Kristina P. said...

I totally want to go to Midieval TImes! Maybe the next time we're in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

I love those pin machines...just don't ever stick your face up me. :D

Mary said...

Steph, I think he would like it...they have a great discount if you have 4 people, so find someone else to go with!!!

Kim, it is right next to Pointe Orlando, if you park in the parking garage it is to the left of the entrance

And...that is a picture of Eric, his face is behind the flash. Maybe that is why he got sick???

the letter Bee said...

Wow that looks pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures turned out fantastic! I love Disney too but by the end it does wear you out. I've been to Medieval Times several times and have always had fun. The food is good there! (Last time we were in Orlando we made the ill-conceived decision to try a different dinner theater and we went to Arabian Knights. OMG, it was absolutely horrible. Please. Don't. Ever. Go.

Wendyburd1 said...

We have not actually DONE Wonderworks, it DOES look cool and we have driven by it a million times. We did Ripleys which is cool to look at, but not interactive really. Hmmm i will have to look into this!
Mideval Times was good? Okay we got hosed with The Pirate Adventure one, you could HEAR nothing, got like NO food seriously, and they had nothing except sprite and beer, which I can't drink, plus you have to get there like 2 1/2 hours ahead of time. We all walked out quietly, no one saying a word and my dad finally was like "well?" and no one else spoke so I HAD to, apparently we ALL hated it and felt cheated! It was like over 50 bucks a person before tax and they charge for EVERYTHING, so no flag colors or anything for us, plus we were starving. The food was little and BAD. Only reason I didn't go hypoglycemic from no food? i had a handisnak in my purse. LOL!

The Bugs Life thing scares me, but I have a major bug issue. I LOVE hibiscus, its my fave along with Gerber Daisies!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm so sorry you were sick, but judging by the pics you had a fabulous time!! I'm happy for you and jealous for me, lol!!